Here are some ballpark figures that will give you an idea of some common services we perform for the betterment of your instrument. Remember, each piano, client and job is unique. These prices can assist you in thinking about improving your piano.

Develop a plan of action for your piano:

Evaluation/Written Assessment $210 (minimum) – $400 (maximum)

Most older pianos need long-term maintenance. The big, old, shoulder-high Verticals commonly called “Uprights” are quite plentiful. They usually require $1,500-$3,000 in parts and service to become a more decent piano. These big, old uprights from before WWII are often the toughest piano assignments a tech can have! Extremely old grands can consume even more time and parts than the big, old upright. In any case, repairs to a piano should be weighed against its market value.

Younger pianos can usually be brought to performance level with reconditioning and regulation (Verticals – $800, Grands – $1,800)

Regarding the Sound of your Piano:

Tuning – $235 – We recommend a minimum of once a year, but new pianos require more tunings in their first year. Note: Many piano authorities recommend that your piano be tuned once a year. Yamaha and Kawai recommend 2 visits a year by a Registered Piano Technician (RPT). Steinway recommends 4 visits per year by a RPT familiar with or trained on Steinway & Sons technical specifics. New strings stretch a lot, and they require many tunings. For more information on piano manufacturers recommendations, please see The Piano Industry Resource Directory under “Resources” at

Pitch Raise – First additional pass – adds $45 (most pitch raises). Pianos requiring additional passes are billed at the hourly rate of $72.50

Shape and Voice Hammers – $265 +

Seat Tuning Pins – $85

Broken Strings – $25 ea. (plain steel). $45 ea. (bass strings). $45 each service call to tune the new string (note: one-string tuning follow-up appointments must be scheduled in conjunction with other appointments in the same proximity, or the hourly rate of $72.50 applies. (String prices go down when you purchase greater quantity.)

Bridge and Back Length Snug – $125 – $250

Seat & Mate Strings – $150

Damper Felts, Vertical – $585, Damper Felts, Grand – $875

Vertical Bridge Repair – $800 – $1,700

Regarding the Feel of your Piano:

Action Reconditioning, Grand – $415, Action Reconditioning, Vertical – $250

Keytops – $1,000. Key Bushing – $750

Trapwork and Lyre (pedals) – (Per Hour) $72.50

Bridle Straps – $400

Grand Action Regulation to Factory Specs- (Per Hour) $72.50

Vertical Action Regulation – (Per Hour) $72.50

Preventative Maintenance:

Arrest Tuning Pin Oxidation – $250

Full Cleaning, Vertical – $55

Full Cleaning, Grand – $95

Regarding the Cosmetics of your Piano:

We can put you in contact with people who fix scratches and such. If cosmetic damage to your piano is significantly extensive, then its insides may need work too. You should consider the value of the piano, and then possibly consider restoration.

Full Restoration:

Please see for unparalleled excellence in complete piano restoration.

Expert Piano Moving:

Piano Wrangler, (512) 452-6458, Austin, Texas

Cobra Piano Moving, (512) 376-9339, Austin, Texas

Alamo Music, (210) 224-1010, San Antonio, Texas

Also Available:

Gift Certificates (Pre-purchase the piano player in your life a piano tuning or refurbishment plan! This is a GREAT gift idea!

Damp Chaser Climate Control Systems

Miscellaneous piano accessories (benches, bench pads, etc.).

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