What’s in a Name?

Italian harpsichord maker, Bartolomeo Cristofori, is generally credited with the invention of the piano. Originally it was called the “gravicembalo col piano e forte”, or “harpsichord.” that plays soft and loud”. The name refers to the piano’s ability to change dynamics according to the amount of pressure applied to the keys which was a quality foreign to the normal plectrum activated harpsichord. Cristofori achieved this effect by replacing the plucking mechanism of the harpsichord with a hammer and a jack escapement capable of striking the strings with greater or lesser force. Our company name is an homage to this musical inventor; the spelling is different – Christofori was a nickname & we made it the name of our piano service.

About the Piano Technician

For decades Christopher Prewitt has enjoyed a career in music performance and service in public, private, scholastic, and ecumenical capacities. He is devoted to a professional quality performance experience for all who aspire to make music. Christopher has over 3,500 hours of on-stage performance. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance from Baylor University, and is a Registered Piano Technician (RPT) with The Piano Technicians Guild, Austin, Texas Chapter.